Verliscity is an not quite a year old Shepard cross that came to us because the owners had too many dog. Neighbors complained and of course the big ones had to go. So we were call to take these poor girls that are sisters and never been apart. We unfortunately had to use two foster homes but luckily the foster homes are best friends so they still get to spend time together. Verliscity is a super happy playful girl. Enjoys going to the dog park, and on walks now that she understands that a leash means fun. She will respond to her name and whistles. Although still timid around new people she warms up fairly quick. She loves to lick,she licks you when ever she can, and is a huge cuddle bug. She will lay in bed or on the couch right next to you or even right on you. She is learning not to jump up on people unless invited up. She would do good as a dog with a job, she likes to keep everyone close and is very bonded with her sister kiara. She loves kids and other dogs, is still learning about cats but she only wants to play with them not hurt them despite what the cats think.