7 months old, playful, cheeky, well socialized. Best friends with Monty.Mowgli was found with badly infected eyes and for a while it was touch and go if he would be blind or worse. He has since recovered but is still suffering from teary eyes. He has been vet checked and he is doing great and [...]


Disco Jack

Disco Jack came with a collar from someone’s home, from a family, from we hope someone who loved him. Then why did they not look for him? Why not ask around, phone places, ask people to look online lost and found pages, or call vets and rescues? We will never know. Maybe they felt he [...]

Disco Jack2022-01-06T18:37:51-05:00


Gracie is a 7/8 months old female, her mom Gwen and her other siblings are up for adoption. Please note that this family will be adopted out in pairs - two kittens or momma with one kitten. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION

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