Thank you for considering opening your home to one of the animals in our care!

Our adoption fee is $400 for dogs, $500 for dogs under 1, $100 for cats, and $150 for kittens.

These fees do not reflect the value of our animals, but are to be seen as an administration fee, and are not refundable. You will notice that Pound Rescue has the lowest fees for adoption. We feel these fees are high enough to discourage potential adopters from simply “trying out” one of our animals, yet low enough to make it possible for everyone to help and adopt from a rescue organization, instead of getting an animal for free and be faced with far higher vet bills (spay/neuter/vaccination etc.) later.

Please Note: The adoption fee simply helps us to care for our animals.  In most cases, these fees do not even cover the initial veterinary costs for the animals that we rescue. The adoption fee includes the spay or neuter surgery, tattoo and/or microchip and some vaccinations.