Pound Rescue believes that taking on an animal must be lifelong for that pet however we are aware that in certain circumstances, sadly, animals have to find new homes.  We will always attempt to find ways for owners to keep their pets but if that is not possible, we will take owner surrenders if space permits to reduce the number of dogs and cats simply being “dumped”.

Please be advised that there could be a fee for the surrender. One reason is that we take over what should have been your responsibility so we feel it only fair that at least financially, you help and support us to look after the pet you leave in our care and others. We suggest a fee that we think is right depending on the age, health and temperament of your animal, as this reflects what we will have to pay, or how long your animal stays in our care until adopted. We understand and respect that some owners can certainly give more than others and we will not reject an animal on grounds that an owner cannot afford to pay a surrender fee.

If you feel you would like to submit an application to surrender your dog/cat please use one of the buttons below and fill out the applicable form: