Open your heart and your home to a rescued animal in need.  Become a foster parent for Pound Rescue animals.  We do not have an actual shelter facility, but a network of foster homes in & around Okotoks. Pound Rescue provides all of the veterinary care, food and other supplies.  The foster homes provide the TLC, training, transportation to & from vet appointments and arranging meetings with potential adopters for the animal(s) in their care.
As a rescue all our animals in our care are spayed/neutered. If you would like to foster please ensure your animals are also spayed/neutered so we may continue to encompass the same principles throughout this charity. 


Every year, millions of adoptable animals end up homeless through no fault of their own. We endeavor to keep our rescues out of kill shelters and give them an opportunity to find their new families. Every animal has urgent daily needs including food, shelter and medical care so every dollar counts when it comes to saving lives. All donations and adoption fees go toward caring for rescues and their foster expenses. All donations are tax deductible. Please consider saving a life by making a charitable donation today.


We have many rescue dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits that are permanent residents. This can be due to health issues that involve daily monitoring and medications. We also have permanent residents due to behavioral issues, making them less likely to be rehabilitated into a home setting. A monthly sponsorship for an animal helps cover their costs. It helps these animals get the needed medical care along with a loving environment to ensure they are supported in their needs. 


– Spaying or neutering your own pets.  This is the only humane way to ensure that there are fewer unwanted pets being brought into this world
– Having your pets tattooed or micro-chipped.  Even if they are indoor animals, there is always a chance they could get lost.   This is the only way to ensure that you will be reunited with your lost pet.
– Save a life by adopting your next pet from a reputable rescue group or shelter.
– Be courageous.  Lend your voice to those who have none and never miss an opportunity to speak up for animals.
– Having a compassionate attitude toward all animals who we share this planet with.