Trap-Neuter-Return-Maintain (TNRM) saves lives

Trap-Neuter-Return-Maintain (TNRM), is the humane and effective approach to addressing community cat populations. It works and it saves cats’ lives. TNRM improves the lives of cats, addresses community concerns, and stops the breeding cycle.

POUND RESCUE TNRM program in Magrath is specifically designed to assist feral cats who do not have the level of socialization necessary for adoption into homes. Cats in this program are humanely trapped, spayed or neutered, tattooed and returned to a home base. Community caregivers provide them with a stable source of food, water, shelter and warmth.

Why is TNRM important

On average, female cats have three litters of 4-6 kittens a year. Kittens born to feral cats are not spayed or neutered which further increases the homeless cat population. Pound Rescue TNRM program effectively and humanely controls and reduces Magrath feral cat population, while providing these cats with the essentials necessary for survival outdoors.

How can I help?


We are always in need of:

– Monetary donations
– Bedding/towels
– Cat food dry/canned
– Cat litter
– Large feeding dishes
– Plastic gloves
– Cleaning supplies
– straw

Start at Home

– Spaying or neutering your own pets.  While we are trying to manage the cat population you can ensure that your animals are not contributing to the overpopulation through spaying and neutering them.
– Having your pets tattooed or micro-chipped.  Even if they are indoor animals, there is always a chance they could get lost.   This is the only way to ensure that you will be reunited.
– Be courageous.  Lend your voice to those who have none and never miss an opportunity to speak up for animals.
– Having a compassionate attitude toward all animals who we share this planet with.
– Save a life by adopting your next pet from a reputable rescue group or shelter.

Become a TNRM Caregiver

If you are feeding feral or wild cats in your neighbourhood on a regular basis and are interested in becoming a neighbourhood TNRM Caregiver or would like to learn more about our TNRM caregiver program, please email Angelina@PoundRescue.com
Caregivers are responsible for providing food and water to the cats in their care. All medical care costs are covered by Pound Rescue. Please note that caregivers in need of assistance to provide cat food are asked to contact us.


Volunteer your time.  We could always use another pair of hands!  Below are some examples of the kind of volunteer help that is needed:
– Set up traps and check on them
– Drive cats to and from vets for surgery and other medical needs.
– Care for our cats for at least 24 hours after surgery so they can heal before being released
– Help cat colonies and caregivers by checking on food, water, litter and shelter.
– Volunteers to help fundraise

Help Fundraise!

If you would like to take initiative and fundraise money for our effort in Magrath please do!
Some of the many ways you can do this is….
– Bake sale
– Yard sale
– Car wash
– Dog wash
– Raffle at an event
– Bottle drive
– Lemonade stand
– Golf Tournaments

If you would also like we can provide a basket which can be used at an event as a raffle or auction item.

To keep up to date on our efforts in Magrath please follow our Pound Rescue Magrath Facebook page by clicking the button below. Alternatively we can be contacted by e-mail for more information: