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Hana will grow to be only medium size. She is a 5 mth old heeler cross. Hana is Japanese for flower blossom she is sweet and shy but great with […]


Looking for a beautiful medium size dog (once finished growing we believe). Yume is a heeler cross and about 5 mths old. Yume means dream or beautiful girl in Japanese […]


Teddy came to us as a street dog never knowing a true home. He was loved by many of the people on the street and soon learned how to get […]


Hard to believe this special guy is still with us. He is loving and sweet. Finn is a now 5 mth young. We feel Finn is a mix of Cocker […]


The good news is that she is fine now. Running, jumping, walking without a limp. The bad news is we could only help this one…
We got her in May. The […]


Kara comes from a home where there where simply too many dogs, leaving no time for interacting with them on a one on one base, leave alone time or the […]


Verliscity is an not quite a year old Shepard cross that came to us because the owners had too many dog. Neighbors complained and of course the big ones had […]


They say good things come in small packages but we say GREAT THINGS come in BIG packages. This dog is truest great. This is Buddy, a four year old Saint […]


This is Taya. We found her as we heard her small and so skinny pups crying under some make do shelter, she herself was out trying to find food.She […]


Take some time to look in his eyes. These are the eyes of an abandoned dog.
We do not know anything about his past, he was found waking the […]
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