This is Bandit, a Collie-Heeler cross, 11 months old. When we found him he was running, or at least trying to run, with a pack of dogs, for companionship, to find food, to cuddle up with them when the nights got really cold. He was starved, had patches of fur missing. The bold spot on his throat might have been caused by a chain rubbing, we have seen it before. ‘Take him, this dog cannot stay, he is not going to make it here’. There was compassion in these words. We took him along. He sat on his foster mom’s lab, the only spot there was still place in the vehicle, melting into her arms, licking her hands. Although very scared, it was as if he knew a new life was going to start. He is smart, he is wonderful, he is losing his fears. Loves to play. For small kids a bit too rambunctious maybe. Loves other dogs. Goes out to do his thing. Not a barker. Loves people, but give him a few minutes to warm up. Walks well on a leash. He has learnt so much in such a short time. “He’s got it all.” Except the most important: A loving home. Bandit, can you imagine he could be yours.