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Having spent the beginning of her short life without much human touch she wasn't the most snuggliest puppy but now she seeks out love and attention and whole heartedly enjoys it. She's a bit timid/shy when she meets strangers but comes around pretty easily. She isn't too excitable, very gentle and sweet. Over the last [...]



Lucy loooooves snuggling, she is the sweetest little girl and loves every person she meets. She has the best time playing all day with her two foster sisters (dogs) and enjoys snuggles with the house Chihuahua. She is coming along really great with house training, should have it perfected in no time! She came to [...]



Barney also brother to a few more on our website. Unwanted, not cared for, hungry, cold and full of worms as his siblings were also. How we can look away from these eyes or any and go buy a dog from a person not a rescue is beyond us. We create this problem of so [...]



Her looks says it all about breed and personality. She is a mix of many wonderful bread and the colouring of a Bernese but will stay medium size we figure. Ramona is 13 week old pup with of course all the puppy traits they can have. She is the shyer sister or Barney and Pup. [...]



Ursa is a 5 month old sweet female. We feel she must have Akita in her. She has had a start to life that must not have been great as she was hand shy and can still demonstrate this regardless of her great foster home now where she is shown unconditional love and lots of [...]



Billy is an about one year old mid sized Shepherd x. His life, till recently, was nothing but a fight to survive. Even the basics were missing, and people he met, they were unreliable. One day they petted him, the next, they kicked at him away. He never knew what was coming, yet he kept [...]



Sadie is a 7 mth Shepard cross female sweetheart. She is great with other dogs and thinks cats are just another playmate. She loves people of all ages and I just a great girl. She is a pup so has all the puppy energy that should be expected when adopting one. Sadie is loving, cuddly, [...]



Coco is a beautiful fluffy shepherd cross female approximately 1-1 1/2 yrs old. Coco is happiest when she is the center of all the attention and love. She sincerely appreciates human attention and love so much that you'll often get a full tail wag just because you said hi to her cute face. She is [...]


Bonnie & Clyde

These are Bonnie and Clyde, our little terrors, and so sweet! Surrendered to us at the age of 7 weeks, Bonnie had a huge, huge umbilical hernia which even made it uncomfortable for her to rest on her tummy, and Clyde, well, bigger brother was always her support and protector, they had, have to stay [...]

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