Billy is an about one year old mid sized Shepherd x. His life, till recently, was nothing but a fight to survive. Even the basics were missing, and people he met, they were unreliable. One day they petted him, the next, they kicked at him away. He never knew what was coming, yet he kept his spirits up. Rescue came.This is what his foster mom has to say: “In four short weeks, Billy has learnt the things he never knew before. Like a warm bed to snuggle in, fresh water and food. He never knew a full belly. He didn’t know that a leash was meant to keep him safe, was not something used to beat him with. He didn’t know what it was like to get his ears rubbed, or to be told he was a good boy, lovable and sweet. Billy is learning new things, like sit, or stay, and his recall is excellent. Because he loves people, wants to be with them. No, there are no grudges, he has forgiven. He has a foster sister and is getting along well with her. He is learning to leave the cats alone. The change in him in four short weeks is remarkable. Now, he needs his forever family. Please fill out the application on our web-site so you could meet him,go from there.He definitely is ready to go with you!”