Charlie was trapped by a volunteer just before a major snow storm occurred in a small town overrun by stray cats. He was one of the lucky ones. He was taken to the vet where they found two deep cuts on each forearms in the same location. How was this possible? It’s believed he was caught in a snare or leg trap. But he would not have been able to get out of one without someone releasing him. Someone must have put the trap there for another poor creature but Charlie was the one caught. That’s cruel and inhumane on its own but to have caught Charlie and then knowing how injured he was just to open the trap and let him fend for himself in pain and agony knowing the weather was changing is beyond cruel, for us it’s inconceivable and abusive. Charlie is sweet and cuddly so belonged to someone at one point yet no one is looking for him. How can you not care about your cat specially when winter hits alberta so hard. We just never understand this.

Charlie, a beautiful 1 yr old male, is now healing and ready to be adopted. He loves pets and will sit with you as you watch tv. He is fully litter trained and is used to dogs. He is gentle with kids and would love any home that would care about him. Should be the only cat as he loves to be your one and only! Please please help us help more cats by adopting so we can make room for the next homeless cat that is suffering.