Sometimes we encounter a heart warming story within a sad story. Charlie is one of those stories. He was loved enough but was in a home that wasn’t right for him or others within the home. He has seen and may have been a victim of anger and violence within a home with closed doors that others didn’t know about. Hard decision had to be made and we were contacted, “Charlie needs out, can we help?” We wish we could make it so that animals were excepted in more rentals, in more shelters, in more places but we can’t. We can help with food, vet bill but sometimes after much consideration and heart ache people are in a situation that just isn’t good for them or their pets and they can’t keep an animal. In these hopefully rare and sad times we try to help as best we can. This is where Charlie comes into our picture and lives. He is only 6 months so has more growing to do. He is sweet and loves kids but is slightly hesitant of adults and if he is cornered or confined and doesn’t know you he will let you know of his discomfort. This only lasts for a min and then he is great. He does warm up very fast specially in an open area. He loves to sleep next to you and loves pets and cuddles. He will need someone that is soft and gentle and is willing to take this handsome guy and teach him that he is safe and loved. Charlie is still very young and a pup so he loves chew toys (and shoes if left out). He is house trained, he will bark or scratch to go in and out of the house. As he is a pup we ask that potential adopters are mostly home or can make arrangements so the pup is not alone for long hour during the day.

We are thankful that Charlie was loved and we will adopt him out to a wonderful family that has a heart full of love and patience for him.