AGAIN?? HOW AND WHY DOES THIS STILL HAPPEN??? Have we not advanced pass this in society? Not realized the value of all, including animals?
The story: (like so many) Mom was sneaking up onto a families porch to get food. She, in herself, small and frostbite ear. Obviously not cared for enough to even put a proper shelter out for her. She had kittens we were told by the concerned family. Not their cat but they believed cats matter. Didn’t know where they might be. So off went a volunteer to search. Luckily she heard some faint meows. Thank goodness they were found. They had been in a field with just tall grass as a protector. Only about 2 1/2-3 weeks old. As we recused them we saw hawks flying around. They too looking for food, these little ones could have easily been their next meal. With winter coming what chance did they have in a field? Mom soon came to the families porch for food. She was friendly so it wasn’t hard to get her into a crate with her kittens. Where to go?? It’s always so last minute and never expected so we don’t have anywhere for them to go. Guess the spare bathroom is the only option at this time. Big for a bathroom but still not the best solution. As we are foster based, no shelter, we desperately need fosters long term for these kittens and others. Please open your hearts and homes to those society has thrown away.