The day when rescues,humane societies present their cutest pups or kittens together with their moms,in the hopes of adoptions, and maybe much needed donations.So do we. Mother’s Day,it is a celebration of life, motherhood and love.None of us is immune to that joy, that sense of wonder, that admiration and feeling of coziness and warmth seeing a mama cat care for her babies.Cats,most likely the best moms in the world. But with those feelings,at an animal shelter,come other feelings.Feelings that others do not care. The fear, the uncertainty,the what if when.What if again there are no adoptions? We still have kittens of last year, now cats.Sitting with their moms,still cuddled up to them, now adult cats.No one wanted,or needed them.What if no one wants today’s too? When then will we have to close our doors, as it becomes impossible to take them all,take in more? Knowing those we refuse will perish? For last year’s moms, there was not even an application.Just so, so many cats looking for homes.Featured Honey,ears frozen off in the winter, she came to us with six(one died) 3 week old kittens, we took her on.Together with 3 dogs and 5 other cats,all unfixed,from an owner who could not have them any more. Honey is the most wonderful cat,and mom, yet we know she had litter after litter sold on Kijiji. So as if they were merchandise.Once her kittens were taken away,she was bred again,still grieving for her loss.Cats feel pain and sorrow loosing their little ones,no doubt in our mind.They look for them for days,and it is heartbreaking to witness this. Somehow,we still hope someone will take her together with 2 kittens.This would be greatest Mothers Day,a day next to none.To us,when shelters and rescues are full, there is no glory in motherhood.The babies we hope get adopted.Their moms,especially if cats, linger in shelters,lucky if these are cageless settings,or they are put down once the kittens do not need them any longer.This is be the mother’s day reality for cats – until all are spayed
Please,consider adopting Honey with 2 kittens.If you cannot adopt,why not donate for us to spay another cat? And if you cannot donate,please.please speak out for our moms.If you meet someone with a litter of kittens,do not say how cute.Say how irresponsible,how ignorant,and how cold hearted to yet produce more cats while the shelters are full.For all moms, on Mother`s Day. Honey and her 2 kitten’s kerra and Dylan are at petsmart in okotok’s, please come down and see them. Give them a happy Mother’s Day as well ?