Joey was found alone in winter in a shop out in the country. He had to have had a family that at least liked him as a kitten as he was not timid or shy. He came out meowing when he was seen. He was thin and had mats started all over his body. He then found his way here with us, another cat thrown away and not looked for. All the neighbors where called but no one had seen this cat. A new cat shows up each year at this fosters home in the country. Sometimes several, yet no one ever seems to know where they come from. Farmers not fixing letting them just multiply? Why not? They will only die from cold or coyotes they all say. Yet this foster has had several fixed outdoor cats that have constant heat, water and food and have had them for up to 15 yrs and counting.
Joey should never have been ‘thrown away’ ‘abandoned’ and left to die if that’s what nature had in store for him. Shame on people who do this that don’t look or just multiply not caring. Whatever the reason too many have the same story as Joey.
Joey is sweet and loves to sleep and lay with you on the couch or wherever. He follows his foster dad into his shop or out in the yard wherever he goes you will find Joey acting like his devoted dog. Joey will be a great addition to any home. Joey is apparently 1 yr young and full of life.