Kittens/cats and more kittens/cats. We have recently been called to a home that there is now an overflow of cats and kittens. The owner of the home has been trying to help them as best she can but just wasn’t able to fix them. They came from a wild momma and in just a short year from one came 15 now. We are trying to help her as best we can but have no room for more cats and no fosters for wild cats. Although some of the younger ones will approach you they keep their distance. We are desperately looking for a few nice farmer who will be able to lick them up in a safe area for at least two weeks so they get used to being there and will supply heat and food for them. They come fixed and we just ask for a donation when possible to help others that will need it.
Please if you can take in a few cats/kittens let us know.