Do your ears hang low? Do they wobble to and fro?
Kids and kittens have so much in common, especially the need for happiness! Their ears should never hang low! As you can see, with these kittens, they stand up perfectly! And so are the kittens. Perfect when it comes to love and affection, for each other and any person they meet. Perfect in their zest for life, for play, jumping, running, chasing everything that moves. Doing somersaults and dangling of the chair, falling down to get up again and start playing all over. Their ears stand high, yet their little hind legs wobble to and fro as a result of their mom contracting feline distemper when she was pregnant with them. A horrible but with vaccination well preventable disease. She gave birth, licked them clean, nursed them one first and last time and died. We found her, within a whole colony of feral cats, curled up around her kittens, as a last desperate attempt to keep them warm and safe. Another mom from this colony, one who was immune to distemper, took them over, raised them as her own. Florence Nightingale, the most famous cat lady of all times, is quoted as saying: “Cats have more compassion and feeling than humans…” That these kittens made it is a small miracle. Thanks also to our wonderful foster home Angelina, who cared for them all day and night! These kittens made it against all odds. They will never be “normal”, whatever that is, but will grow into wobbly, funny, happy, beautiful, loving and lovable cats. Great with other cats. Up for adoption now. Could the real cat lover please put in an application?