Meadows. The sweetest cat, a young adult, may be 3 years old.Affectionate,tolerant with people and other cats, the super pet,and a good looker,too. If that matters.Another one of those abandoned in Okotoks,and an owner never came forward. We have him now since about a year, that dire is the situation of adopting out adult cats.Even kittens these days,no application, just so many everywhere.Keeping these cats alive to find their forever home is only possible as we are a cage free rescue.Imagine, sitting in a cage,day after day,week after week,month after month,and no one coming forward saying : “I give this sweet guy a home!” It would be cruel…Meadows is allowed to go out through a cat door,patrol the yard.He likes that.Lying in a meadow! His name comes from Cimarron Meadows,this is where he was found,then brought to us.He would like a place where,once this winter has passed,and once he feels really at home,is allowed to go out again,walk the fenceline,look for an unfortunate mouse too close to the house.He is a hunter. Birds,not interested in.Maybe a bit too chubby! If you feel you could love this guy,please put in an application.