This is Mika, one of our forever dogs. She is about 10 years old. Her story is mostly unknown to us and there is a big gab in between. Four mysterious years to be exact. Mika came from what one might call a dog breeding undertaking turned wild, a farm north of Edmonton tried to make some additional bucks by breeding and selling Akitas. The dogs multiplied, neighboring farm dogs joined in to get some diversity into the bloodlines, farmers started shooting those running stray, there were more dogs than could be sold and dog food became scarce as well. Together with another rescue organization, we went there, fixed them all, more than 50 dogs. Some, the too feral ones, stayed on the farm with food we arranged, and the rest came with us. Mika was at that time what one would call semi feral and was placed into a foster home in Calgary. Six month later with no potential adopter ever looking at her she took an opportunity to escape and vanished. Gone without any sightings anywhere. Last summer we got a call from Calgary Animal Services, a stray dog had been trapped in someone’s yard, tattooed to us. Skinny, terrified, full of fleas and parasites, dull fur coming out in clumps, very docile and gentle, but would not have anything to do with humans, just freezing in fear. We rushed to get her.

Mika has been with us for a year now. She has not changed much, except that she looks good now and seems happy. She still avoids humans, we think if the door was left open, she would be gone. She might come back but who wants to risk losing her again? For incontinence, not seldom in older dog, she is on pills now, works well for her. Every day for an hour, she joins her pack of dogs in the fully fenced off leash park. At the end of the walk she lets her get clipped back onto the leash, to drive home again. And yes, she is home. She is an older dog, we will not uproot her again, we feel she had enough chaos in her life. With us, she is not just home, she is loved. If Mika’s story touches you, please consider helping.

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