Big shout out to this incredible trio:
Hale Tosh, Alex Matovich and Angie Smith in Mrs. Lipiski’s Grade 5 at Millarville Community School.

They were assigned to do a project, PYP Exhibition, with a central Idea- respecting animals. So they decided to feature Pound Rescue as their focus. They invited Pound Rescue to the school and did a lengthy interview with a volunteer to better understand our philosophy, our commitment and duties within the community and within Pound Rescue.

When asked what they felt it meant to respect animals their answer was, “It is our responsibility to respect animals. Respect means creating, maintains and providing a healthy environment for animals to exist in.”
Such intuitive, smart future animal advocates. Thank you Alex, Hale and Angie for all your hard work, you’re help to make people understand who Pound Rescue is, and for collecting these well needed donations.