Looking on, while life is passing them by? Cute? Kittens in the window, in one of our foster homes. Most people, once they know the
kittens are brought into one of our foster homes just breathe a sigh of
relief. Thank God. Save. Warm. Fed. Looked after. Some think this is
even cute, completely disregarding, or blocking out of their mind, that there is nothing cute about surplus, homeless, discarded kittens. No matter what they look like, or how sweet they might play with each other. Some might not like the comparison: In the news, we
get lots of opportunities right now to see displaced children in danger, for their welfare or life. Our reaction is sorrow, dismay, maybe anger, we would not say how cute they look, to then simply switch to the next channel. At least, hopefully not. Yet when we display our kittens in order to find them a home, save them, people with their kids flock to the cages as if we were a petting zoo, laughing, wanting to hold one, asking for age and name and how adorable they are, assuring us that they would help if they only could, assuring us that they are so glad we were there to find them loving homes (they will find homes, won’t they?) and then walk on. Yes, we understand. Of course not everyone can take on two kittens, not everyone could make a small donation or volunteer, but at least, do not say cute, as this is the
last thing that should come to mind, or matter. Because if it is just about cuteness, with so many kittens in our care, and weeks passing, and not enough homes, and the kittens growing into cats, and that kitten
cuteness gone, how do you think it makes us feel? Up in the window, 12
weeks old now, we had them when their eyes were still closed, a 12 day
period of grace while they did not have to look at this world, yet. They are looking out, and the sensitive person would detect some
sadness in their eyes and in this picture. That something is not yet
right. Please visit them at Okotoks Petsmart today and tomorrow, we, and they, will be there, hoping for loving homes…