Toonie got his name from the fact that when he became a sick diabetic cat with nerve damage from the diabetes we asked if the owners could help with the medical expenses in the form of a donation, they reached into their pocket and handed us a Toonie.

Toonie has cost us far more than that to treat, diagnose and maintain. It has taken months to regulate Toonies diabetes and extensive vet visits and stays resulting in thousands of dollars. Toonie is still under vet observation with results in many vet visits and expensive insulant injections twice a day.

Toonie is laid back, calm, and just loves to be outdoors sitting on his chair. Please help us give Toonie the best possible life he can have.

Sponsorship is $50/Month

To setup your monthly donation you will be redirected to From there you can click on the monthly donation button, enter the appropriate amount for the animal you intent to sponsor, and in the messages box please specify which animal you are sponsoring.