We adopt kittens out in pairs only. Where one is, goes the other. They play together, sleep together, eat together and love their human, together. Some, those who do not really understand cats, or do not know much about them, think this is kind of a sales pitch of ours to adopt out more cats. Sadly, we adopt out less, lose out to other rescue groups who still let their kittens go alone and be lonely, to those people who for whichever reason want only one. We feel for these kittens. We are not about numbers, but wellness and happiness of the cats. There is no doubt that two kittens that are allowed to grow up and remain together enjoy a better and more fulfilled life than solitary kept cats, so we do not make exceptions. These two, Eleven and Baily, are the last of their litter to go, sweet as sweet can be, used to dogs, to kids, well played with. We will not split them up. Rescue, after all, is not just letting them live, or adopt them out because someone wants one so we get space for more, but because we love cats, and want to see them happy, as this alone will make their adopter happy.