We have many rescue dogs, cats, birds, and rabbits that are permanent residents of Pound Rescue.

This can be due to health issues that involve daily monitoring and medications. We also have permanent residents due to behavioral issues, making them less likely to be rehabilitated into a home setting. Among those that are with us due to behavioral or health issues are many that have never been able to find their forever family due to no fault of their own.

A monthly sponsorship for an animal helps cover their costs. It insures these animals get the needed medical care along with a loving environment to ensure they are supported in their needs.

Sponsorships are also wonderful gifts to animal loving friends or family members.  You can give a sponsorship as a gift, we will inform the recipient which animal is sponsored in their name.  With each sponsorship, you will receive a photograph of your sponsored animal, updates and a jubilant letter if they are able to be adopted.

Sponsorships are donations made by real people to help real animals.  Sponsorships also receive tax deductible receipts!

If you would like more information on sponsoring an animal, please email us at sponsor@poundrescue.com.

Needing a Sponsor


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