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Kara. Just turned a year, 5 days ago, and so many people have failed her already. A Shepard cross. Scared. New people scare her, as she does not know […]

Poppy & Petunia

Two Shephard cross sisters, almost 3 month old,born to a mom that came very pregnant to our place.They now are ready for adoption.They do not come sweeter.If you are in […]


Teague is so excited to join your family ❤️ she’s starting to get her potty skills down, and looks up to her foster pup mom to teach her everything she […]


Tucker is a fantastic puppy, he will whine at the door if he needs out, he comes when called and will sit at your feet. He knows his name and […]


Sid is a 7 month old mix breed pup. This boy will be medium size when he’s full grown. He has been raised by the same foster family since he […]


This is Willow, she is around 2 years old, Heeler/Shepard cross. She is medium size around 40lbs. Her story is one of an unknown beginning and life.
Willow was pick […]


Foxy came to us just a week before she gave birth to her beautiful pups. As so many adult dog the fun is over with the puppy stage and they […]


How is this handsome boy still here? This is Fritz. Calm and loveable, good with other dogs, cats, respectful of horses. Would love to have a home and his own […]


Fig is a 12 week old pup and he is as adorable as you can imagine. Please consider adopting him but also consider the hard work and training that comes […]


Furly is one of many pups born, now 12 weeks old, but still one of a kind. He is energetic and full of life, ready for his forever home. Please […]


Fil is a great guy looking for a great family. He is 12 weeks old a puppy that sweet and full of energy. Please remember pups are alot of work […]


Meet Felicity! 14 weeks. Super sweet and smart. Should mature to a medium size. Excellent with other dogs, cats, and children!



Furb is an adorable 12 week old pup ready to find his forever home. As fun and cute as all pups are they do require a commitment of love, patience, […]


Bentley is one of 14 puppies born that is currently up up for adoption. They are about 10 weeks old, Great Pyrenees mixes.
Please remember, puppies need a lot […]


Ranger is one of 14 puppies born that is currently up up for adoption. They are about 10 weeks old, Great Pyrenees mixes.
Please remember, puppies need a lot […]


Verliscity is an not quite a year old Shepard cross that came to us because the owners had too many dog. Neighbors complained and of course the big ones had […]


They say good things come in small packages but we say GREAT THINGS come in BIG packages. This dog is truest great. This is Buddy, a four year old Saint […]


Lacey still has some trust issues but once she knows she’s safe she loves with her entire being. Being inside is a new experience and can make her a bit […]


Sweetness all rolled up into one very cute guy. That’s what Rusty is. Good with other dogs, loves kids, adults as you can see. He is a little too interested […]


Taya. A two year old lab cross. In the first picture,she does what she likes best: Hanging out with the kids.She loves kids.She trusts them.Her life has not been […]


Take some time to look in his eyes. These are the eyes of an abandoned dog.
We do not know anything about his past, he was found waking the […]
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