This is Poppy, an about 7 months old Shepherd cross, a mutt. Just the sweetest dog. Her story we do not know. Dogs cannot talk. We guess she was someone's pet, as she is comfortable in the house, her now foster home. We guess she was in a house as she knows things, as what [...]



This is Bandit, a Collie-Heeler cross, 11 months old. When we found him he was running, or at least trying to run, with a pack of dogs, for companionship, to find food, to cuddle up with them when the nights got really cold. He was starved, had patches of fur missing. The bold spot on [...]



Which doggie got the best, the biggest, clearest most beautiful tattoo in the whole wide world? Answer, without a doubt: Lucky Buster! Because, it is good to have a tattoo. For themselves, people see tattoos these days as 'in', and for their cats and dogs, it simply is a safe ticket to home. A dog [...]