This is Tasha, 7 month old big pup and growing. In the picture you see her dropped on the couch and no one blames her, she just came back from her spay operation. Resting. Normally she is not, she is a very energetic pup and full of spit and vinegar. A happy girl and this [...]



Kobe is a Shepard cross 4 1/2 mth old pup. He will be a good size dog once grown. Kobe is a healthy, playful, sweet pup that has all the traits a happy puppy should have. He loves other dogs, children and people. He seems to be most found of girls though is good with [...]



Rusty is an 8 mth young male pup. In only a short time Rusty has being trained and has learnt how to walk on a leash and learnt that food is always there for him (he get very excited when it’s dinner time) Rusty is not food aggressive. He loves to wrestle with and other [...]



Frankie is the shyer type that stands in the background. Frankie Is the softer more quite type that will come over put him head on your lap and look up at you with those sweet puppy eyes wanted to be pet and loved. Frankie is a real sweetheart. Frankie is a 8 mth old real [...]



Thor is a sweet 18 mth old male that is ready for his future home. Thor is very affectionate. He has learned basic commands like sit and lay down and is eagerly learning more. Thor loves his walks and is learning how to be off leash and come when called. Thor likes other dogs as [...]



A rich life for anyone is a lifestyle that embraces all people of different cultures, idea, looks and race. It’s no different with dog. We as humans should never base our judgment on breed, color, fluffiness, or looks. To some one look or breed is preferred over another but that shouldn’t be a deciding factor. [...]



If we ask potential adopters what they want most in a dog, we do not get low shedding, or sweet looking, or trained in any way, they say we want a dog who is smart. Intelligent. And we think to ourselves that hopefully the new owner has a really high IQ as well, because otherwise [...]