Meet Lucy. Sixteen pounds of solid love, a small dog. If all the dogie kisses she has in her, to give out, would weigh anything, she would be overweight. She was found rather underweight. Running along the highway, and never claimed. She is one of these designer pups ,what they call a Doxle, or Doxie. [...]



The good news is that she is fine now. Running, jumping, walking without a limp. The bad news is we could only help this one... We got her in May. The small front porch outside was boarded off with plywood, transformed into a puppy cage from where she could not escape.There she was, poop everywhere,and [...]


Dottie & Pookie

Meet Dottie and Pookie. Dottie is a 13 year old black Pomeranian mix. Small, very well behaved and super friendly. Loves everything and everyone. Still has zoomies and loves to play. Fluffy when outgrowing her summer outfit and so cute.A bit plump, yes, needs some weight management (like most of us) but a very active [...]

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This is Finn, so cute and full of adventure just like Huckleberry Finn. Finn at such a young age, he is around 12 weeks young, was found wondering the streets of town. How or why is always a question we may have but the bigger question is why no one after a week was looking [...]



We refer to the hair of dogs as their coats, and those born in a shelter, eyes closed, come with nothing but a very uncertain future, their coat, and their mother's love. In this litter, their were only four: Blondie, White Nose, Black Face, and well this little guy, Brownie. "My coat of many colors [...]



Mama. About 5 years old. Came to us very pregnant, too late to be spayed.She had many many litters before and at her previous home were just too many dogs already.Her babes are ready for adoption, so is she.She still has to learn to walk on a leash without getting scared in new situations, but [...]



Kara comes from a home where there where simply too many dogs, leaving no time for interacting with them on a one on one base, leave alone time or the possibility for training. About a year old, possibly a Kelpie mix. We had her for a while, the foster home has done a super job [...]



Verliscity is an not quite a year old Shepard cross that came to us because the owners had too many dog. Neighbors complained and of course the big ones had to go. So we were call to take these poor girls that are sisters and never been apart. We unfortunately had to use two foster [...]



They say good things come in small packages but we say GREAT THINGS come in BIG packages. This dog is truest great. This is Buddy, a four year old Saint Bernard cross. His owner realized that she could not give him what he needed, and now, he had become a nuisance. Had to go. His [...]



This is Taya. We found her as we heard her small and so skinny pups crying under some make do shelter, she herself was out trying to find food.She looked differently then, horribly malnourished.The owner tried to sell us the pups, keep her, but when we explained that we were not some kind of dog [...]

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