Anyone that meets Ursa are taken back by her Beauty and her sweet personality. We can’t believe she hasn’t found that perfect home. A home where she can be with another YOUNG dog that will play and cuddle with her or better yet adopted out with her brother Baxter who after being separated as young [...]



Jamelyn is a mid sized, female, protective, listens well, good with kids and cats. Jamelyn is 7 mths so perfect age to start training and moulding her into your perfect pet. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION



Jamal who is now 7 months old is a gentle giant, somewhat shy. Good with kids, cats and other dogs. Likes to stay close to home and has great recall. Jamal will tug on your heartstrings the minute you meet him. He just wants to be loved. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION



This is Apollo and with his sweet and kind nature I am shocked he isnstill here. He is about a year old and such a kind dog that loves to be around other dogs and play with them. He loves to play tug-a-war and will bring you his toy when he wants to play, he loves to [...]



This medium sized 1 1/2 yr old girl is very sweet. She gets along well with other dogs. Cats, not so much. Heidi feels most comfortable with kids as they were kind to her once. Adults, she needs to build trust with (which is coming along nicely) as she was most likely was not treated [...]



Baxter is a sweet very loving pup approximately 9 mths young. He will be about 35 lbs full grown it is believed. Not only is he super sweet he is super soft and cuddly. His colouring is beautiful and he just wants that special family to love. He is great with other dogs, fully housetrained [...]



Lucas a beautiful 1 1/2 yr old bringle mixture of sweet and cuddly dog. Lucas had been quite neglected in life, left outside to freeze, without proper food or care. He came to us very skinny but is slowly putting some pounds on and looking amazing. Despite having not received any love he surely knows [...]



Josie is a timid, shy, girl. A cross of many wonderful breeds approx 5 1/2 mths young.It takes her a little bit of time to settle in, but she is SO worth the wait!! She is soft as silk, sweet as sugar and as happy as a kid in a candy store. Josie does great [...]



"This is a cage! Let me out of here! Take me home! Adopt me!" Her name is "Pup", like in puppy. She is a sister to Barnie, Ramona and Daisy. Twelve weeks old, loves to play, to chew, to eat and to sleep. Like any puppy. Also loves to wrestle with her big brother in [...]



Finn has been with us longer then expected. He came from the streets of a small town when he was only about 4 mths old. He had learned that life can be tough at an early age. No dog or pup should have to learn that. Because if this Finn is a great dog but [...]

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