Annie is approximately 8 weeks old, born May 9th, 2024. She is likely a shepherd, lab, kelpie mix. Her mom is about 40 lbs. This little girl is so sweet, loves people, food and toys. She is more vocal than her brothers. She just spent her first day living in a house and is doing [...]



Meet Cosmo, an adorable 9-week-old mixed breed puppy who is ready to find his forever home! Weighing in at 11lbs, this black and tan fluffball is as playful as he is sweet. Cosmo loves to cuddle and will happily snuggle up with you after a fun play session. He is nearly house trained and is [...]



Brave little mama. Living in a derelict barn, this gentle little girl faced down every threat to protect her babies. When she had no food, she kept them fed. When it was cold and wet, she made sure they were warm and loved. Pixie is 40lbs and probably around 3. It’s likely she’s had more [...]


Marmee (Marly)

Marmee is as sweet as she looks. Low energy but always willing to go when she's asked. She LOVES to cuddle and automatically relaxes when you give her attention. She's not quite house trained but learning quickly. Is getting pretty good on a leash and recall. Give this girl some time to bond and she [...]

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Ares is a very sweet loving boy approx.1.5 years of age and 40 lbs. He has the most beautiful markings on his face that almost make him look like a meerkat. Ares can be a little shy but comes around quickly. He is working on his leash skills, and loves nothing more than to snuggle [...]



Fox (Foxy) is a sweet young 8 mth old female Papillon cross about 20lbs. She is such a devoted loving pup that only wants to be your everything. We feel she wants to be an only dog or with Arctica. She loves children and all people alike. But she will love the one who shows [...]



Ella is looking to live her best life yet! This beautiful, wonderfully out going yet calm girl is a mid size Belgian malinois cross 47lbs. She is approximately 1.5 years old. She is well socialized with people, children and dogs, great on leash and is completely house trained. This special girl has a very sweet, [...]



This is Apollo and with his sweet and kind nature I am shocked he is still here. He is about 2 years old and such a kind dog that loves to be around other dogs and play with them. He needs to go to a home with another dog. He loves to play tug-a-war and [...]

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