Joey was found alone in winter in a shop out in the country. He had to have had a family that at least liked him as a kitten as he was not timid or shy. He came out meowing when he was seen. He was thin and had mats started all over his body. He [...]



This is Frost. He is the cat that was found in a snow bank on the side of the road after being hit by a car, left to die. Thank goodness someone saw him and took him to the local vet, Dr Merkley in Cardston. We received a call from the vet office asking if [...]



Nala was dropped off in a box, with her kittens, their eyes just opening. This was at the end of October.They knew they could not find homes for them, with rescues and humane societies bursting with cats and kittens, Kijiji's list long, for free and the worst home will do. So they bring them secretly, [...]

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