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Rascal is approx. 8 months. He lives up to his name. He is very friendly and loves scratches. Leash work is coming along. When we are walking if he has had enough he goes on strike. He will lay down and refuse to go until he has a rest. Rascal loves his food it is [...]



Marley is approx 1 year. She is a very vocal dog. She will walk around making a whiny noise that sounds like she is talking. Not food aggressive and good with other dogs and kids but is a bit timid. Leash work is slow with her. Marley likes to wrestle with Rascal on our deck. [...]



Cola is about 8 months old. Cola is a kind, calm, good-natured dog. She is social with other dogs, plays well at off leash areas, and is a quick study. She has spent time with elementary age children and is loyal and patient. Cola would be a perfect addition for a family of one or [...]



Lizzy is a midsized dog with Large personality.  Her contentment and happiness can be seen when she smiles.  She is no longer afraid of stairs or coming into the house.  She understands come, no and stay.  We are working on manners (she is a sniffer).  She loves the cats and occasionally she will even get [...]



Spike is about 8 months old; he is very obedient, smart and beautiful with a fleur-de-lis marking on his forehead. In 3 short days has already learnt the command “sit”. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION



Her name is Karma, she came with this name when we got her. Definition of the name, explained in simple terms, 'what goes around comes around'. It applies to her previous owner, not her. She is not guilty. They had three dogs, none properly cared for, none properly trained, so important for the breed, and [...]



PLEASE HELP US RAISE MONEY FOR DOGS WHO HAVE NOTHING. Large Dog Beds $45 donation Medium Dog Beds $35 donation Less then 50% retail value, and all proceeds go to our Spay/Neuter fund. Where: Okotoks off leash dog park When: Friday July 26, 9-11 am and 5-8 pm CASH ONLY PLEASE THANK-YOU