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Milly and Sophie

This is a big order, two big dogs, together. Milly and Sophie. The apparently purebred yellow lab Milly, and Sophie, a mutt of many breeds and colors mixed into one. This is not what we care about, the breed, to us is homelessness, is neglect, to be rescued. They came from two different places, with [...]

Milly and Sophie 2018-12-14T15:03:34+00:00


This is Golfer, found by the golf course. Not fixed, no tattoo, so no love. That is, no love from his people's part, whoever had him, or was supposed to look after him. Golfer himself is full of love, loves all the cats in his foster home he shares his fate with, loves all the [...]

Golfer 2018-12-07T13:32:44+00:00


This is Jersey, 4 years old, and he needs a new home. One of the most unique and smartest cats we ever had. Very people orientated, so definitely not a barn cat, but at his new home, once settled in, he needs to be let in and out. A free spirit, a talker, a love [...]

Jersey 2018-11-07T15:46:44+00:00

Our Kittens

Looking on, while life is passing them by? Cute? Kittens in the window, in one of our foster homes. Most people, once they know the kittens are brought into one of our foster homes just breathe a sigh of relief. Thank God. Save. Warm. Fed. Looked after. Some think this is even cute, completely disregarding, [...]

Our Kittens 2018-09-18T11:16:18+00:00


This is what the volunteer who works with Astrid just wrote: "I got this really sweet picture of Astrid today and just had to show it to you! Gosh, I love her so much, she is just so sweet! I hope she finds a home!" So do we. You see, Astrid is not an easy [...]

Astrid 2018-09-11T12:56:13+00:00


Juno was sadly found with a shattered leg, hit by bullets, sitting beside his dead brother who did not survive, with all signs of mourning a cat could show for a lost friend. Of course, we never could find that person who so much hates cats he treated them in such a cruel way, someone [...]

Juno 2018-07-13T17:03:30+00:00

Foster Homes Needed

Pound Rescue needs foster homes for dogs, especially over the summer. Some experience with dogs is necessary. Preferably no other pets or small kids, a secure fence, a lot of time and love, no plans to go away over the summer. We cover the rest.  

Foster Homes Needed 2018-06-13T22:35:01+00:00


This is a picture of Toby, when his leg was still broken, when he just came to us. This now is all done with, the leg has healed since long, Toby even walks without a limp. What has not changed is that Toby is still looking for a home, desperately now. He is a two [...]

Toby 2018-11-07T15:43:41+00:00
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