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We know how things go: Once the puppies are old enough to nibble on food, they are given away. To a friend, a cousin, a nephew to mostly serve as toys for the children, and as with most children everywhere, and most toys, the kids lose interest, go over to newer things,and the toys are [...]



Daisy is a sweet and affectionate girl who loves attention and has fur soft as a bunny! She is very smart and obedient but she is still learning so she will need somebody who has time to help her learn. She still has the occasional pee in the house but we are also learning quickly [...]



Meet Duke, he is 3 1/2 months old, extremely smart and very obedient. Out of a litter of 12 he is one of four that we know survived. His littermates, the majority of them more than likely have perished, and not all of them were as lucky as he was to end up in a [...]



If dogs could talk the tale they could tell you should be of love and adventure, full of belly rubs and sleeping in a cozy warm bed. Goldilocks tales would not be as such. Her tales would be of hunger, cold nights, no belly rubs, and a definite lack of love. Found together with her [...]



Two lost and forgotten sweet, innocent, and lonely pups. Chester and his sister Goldilocks were rescued during our last freezing weather. How people can allow dogs to have pup then just disregard these precious pups as if they were common trash thrown out to be ignored to fend for themselves at such a young age, [...]



Another car just about hit her again, can you take her, and she has 10 pups if we can catch them all?’ we got this call. Of course we will help, was our response. So we make calls ask for help and some wonderful people helped rescue Roxy and her 10 pups. Thank goodness people [...]



This dog, two things that strike you most: Her blue eyes that gave her the name Blue, and her zest for life. Happy, exuberant, joyful. Life hasn't been good to her, never wanted, never loved, never really had anything, not even food on a regular basis, but this did not let her give up and [...]



If we ask potential adopters what they want most in a dog, we do not get low shedding, or sweet looking, or trained in any way, they say we want a dog who is smart. Intelligent. And we think to ourselves that hopefully the new owner has a really high IQ as well, because otherwise [...]


Litter of 12

Love is...? This morning, one of the abandoned dogs we recently took in, too far into pregnancy to be spayed, gave birth to 12 puppies. A reason to celebrate? Pregnant, no longer wanted, someone shrugged his shoulders, got rid of her and walked away. Chief Seattle quote: "Whatever happens to the animals will happen to [...]

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It is Back to Black, and we are calling on all black cat lovers! Clover is the girl, the rest are boys - Crew, Casper and Cade. They are bonded and would like to find a home with one of their siblings. FILL OUT AN APPLICATION